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With our university expertise, the iconic National Space Centre attraction, and an existing business base, our area is uniquely placed to capitalise on the expected national growth in this sector.

Within the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester, there are specialist skills and equipment for the design of space missions and for testing new instrument designs. The Centre is part of the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and forms a focus for Space Instrumentation and Engineering activities within the University.

Research scientists at the University of Leicester have a long and distinguished record of discovery in space science. Every single year since 1967 has seen a Leicester-built instrument operating in space. Their space science work includes x-ray and observational astronomy, radio and space plasma physics (including space weather) and planetary science and instrumentation development.


We have had a UK headquarters located in Leicester as long as we’ve been operating, and the reasons for that are simple: a prime East Midlands location

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