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Leicester is a place for businesses with big ambitions – both in how your business chooses to operate and how you can work in partnership to explore what is possible.

The city offers the perfect conditions to build a network around your supply chain and partners, allowing you the opportunity to operate on a truly global scale.

Our intermediary network and contacts include commercial property agents, colleges and universities, recruitment agencies, law firms, accountants, and local sports clubs, as well as a range of companies based in the city.

For these reasons, more and more businesses are choosing Leicester as their base to expand and grow. Large corporates that have chosen Leicester include IBM, Next, Santander, Caterpillar, Samworth Brothers, Pepsi Co (Walkers Crisps) and Centrica.


We have had a UK headquarters located in Leicester as long as we’ve been operating, and the reasons for that are simple: a prime East Midlands location

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